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  • Entering incorrect project data in investment gateway is incorrect procedure, and if established Madayn shall have the right to cancel the investment request
  • The Madayn Online investment application service allows the investor to submit several applications and each application will be processed individually
  • Your selection of the industrial plot within the industrial estate through the E-map service does not constitute approval to allocate it for your project. Our officials will evaluate your application and determine the possibility of settling your project in the estate according to the site, which is suitable with the nature of the activity
  • When submitting new investment application through the online service, the applicant confirms full knowledge and familiarity with the relevant laws and regulations
  • The password holder (the person authorized to enter the application) shall be fully responsible for any misuse of the password by third parties to access the company’s account; Madayn will not assume any responsibility for any resulting damage
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