Investment Application Form

Dear Investor
Al-Mazunah Free Zone would like to thank you for your interest in the area and to welcome your investment enterprise therein
Please kindly read the below instructions carefully before filling out the form in order to understand the investment environment related to your enterprise and to provide the data,records and documents required to avoid any delay in deciding on your application
Please read the legislations regulating the Area by Enter below link
Issuance of regulation organizing MFZ issued by Ministerial Decision No. 22\2010
Playback controls MFZ issued by ministerial decision No. 3\2014
The application shall be submitted to the MFZ by the application himself or his legal representative,providing therewith all the required data and information and attaching all documents and records
Investors are particularly reminded to be accurate when filling out the form,Applications are considered only after satisfying the necessary data and documents and are signed by the authorized person,confirming the accuracy of the information contained there in