Registration Rules

Please read carefully the instructions mentioned below and accept the terms and conditions to proceed further with your investment application with KOM:
  • An applicant shall have the complete responsibility to ensure that all related data are entered correctly into the online investment portal. Should the provided investment information found misleading or untrustworthy, KOM shall have the right to cancel the investment application.
  • Your selection of the desired property within the IT Park through the E-map service does not constitute a reservation of the said property or an approval from KOM to allocate you the requested space for your application. The evaluation panel will assess your application as per the IT Park’s eligibility criteria and will determine whether the application does meet the approved list of ICT activities within KOM.
  • The applicant is expected to have read and acquainted himself with the relevant laws and Investment regulations of PEIE (The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates) before submitting the investment application through the online system.
  • The account holder (The person granted an authorized access to enter the online application) shall ensure non-disclosure of his/her private access details (Username and Password) to any third party and shall prevent unauthorized access to the company’s account via the online investment portal. KOM will not be responsible for any misuse or any consequences resulting from such negligence.
I hereby (The Applicant) acknowledge that I have read and understood the above terms and conditions

I have read Knowledge Oasis Muscat Privacy Statement and Terms Of Use
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